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Need to find route map between cities? provides the solution, its handy internet-based service that uses Google maps API to provide driving directions, distance, travel time and nearby hotels.

People use it to find shortest route map for their destinations. Users follow the landmarks falling en-route to reach their destinations hassle free. Tool is very easy to use, you just need to specify/select from the dropdown to and from destinations. Once done click enter to get the road map.

The route map will have detailed road directions showing almost all driving directions between two cities/localities. In the road map all important places that fall on the way will be highlighted like restaurants, fuel pumps, CNG station, markets etc to help people find their route at ease.

Road Route Map has made it much easier to find route map between cities. Use this newest online search tool to find different routes leading to your destination. No need to fritter way groping different routes on road now. It wastes your precious time. Make use of the road map tool to find the right driving direction and reach your destination stress-free.